Michael_Saunders91 (michaelfox91) wrote in valley_furs,

Hey all, just an update

It is me, Michael Saunders (formerly known as Michael Fox). Since that posting I made last October I have made great strides in my emotional roller  coaster that was my life with you guys three years ago. I am much more calm than I was before, I am am in control of myself compared to who I was before. I am taking medication to help me and I am still seeing a Psychologist as well as a Psychiatrist. I would like to get in touch and hang out with you guys instead of being shut in all day and having to deal with drama at the school I work three days a week. If any of you would like to hang out and give me a chance, PM me or comment on my post. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

- Michael Heinrich Saunders
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