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Hello... again?

 Seems like there's some activity here still! *pulls out defibrillator* 

Hehe hello all! I used to go by Damek, but I had to change that. I was back in the valley and I wondered if there was any activity with the local group. Doesn't look like much... anyone want to do some informal get togethers? Like hang out at some random coffee place/denny's/etc and draw and socialize or what not? Let me know! 
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*in a teeny, "The Fly" style voice* Hey, I'm up here in Modesto! We have next to no furries! Heeeeelp meeeee!
Yay a response! *waves* You're a long way up there! I don't know how active this group is anymore, but I'm game to try doing something up your way someday.

In the meantime, we should chat or something!
Here's all the ims I'm on currently:
AIM: rathdoggie
Yahoo: ratharius
MSN: ratharius@hotmail.com

I always like meeting new furs ^-^
Yeah unfortunately the LJ community as a hole seems to be rather dead. I'd say we should set up a facebook but personally I don't like going to face book. I mostly chat on skype these days. Feel free to contact me:
Yes, both skype entries are me when you search for it.