Wolve (wolve) wrote in valley_furs,

Furmeet at the Manchester Mall!

Wow! That was one awesome turnout! More people than I expected came. We had what.. 14 people? And we managed to migrate all over the mall, game it up a little, and then end at Dennys.

I just gotta say thank you all for showing up, welcome to the Valley Furs group, and lets do this again next month!
~Wolve (Steven Thompson)
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February 7 2010, 10:00:05 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  February 7 2010, 10:03:43 UTC

It was actually 18 people. :) And YES! We certainly need to do this every month! There were 5 who ended up NOT showing up...so we do have a pretty good turnout. :)

P.S. - WHY DO FURS GO TO DENNY'S ALL THE TIME?!?!?! (I know it's one of the few things open :P But grrrr to stereotype!
If you can find us a place to go, I'm sure we'd gladly consider it, lil wuff.
I wish I could join, but you guys are so far TT_TT
We need to work out a way for it to happen, Mau.