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Fur Meet Fresno

Does anyone view this enough to make a meet possible? We got places to meet all over fresno and we can carpool to get our less vehicle enabled furs there as well. I want to see whats up and who the furs are in this land.

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Hey all, just an update

It is me, Michael Saunders (formerly known as Michael Fox). Since that posting I made last October I have made great strides in my emotional roller  coaster that was my life with you guys three years ago. I am much more calm than I was before, I am am in control of myself compared to who I was before. I am taking medication to help me and I am still seeing a Psychologist as well as a Psychiatrist. I would like to get in touch and hang out with you guys instead of being shut in all day and having to deal with drama at the school I work three days a week. If any of you would like to hang out and give me a chance, PM me or comment on my post. I hope to hear from you guys soon!

- Michael Heinrich Saunders
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Meet and Greet?

Is there a meet or con for furries coming up in Fresno/Clovis?

If so I would love to know the details.
My friends and I are dedicated furries so we're looking for anything in our city range. 
I hope to have some meets here. 
Bye <3 
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Hey... again

Hello. I figured I should get around to posting this, since the incidents I had with individual furs. I understand why you all dislike me, as what I did was very wrong and cruel. Believe me when I type this, I wish I could wholeheartedly take back what I did to all of you but I unfortunately can't.

I have to live with the guilt of my actions for the rest of my life. But as of a few months ago, I have been seeking psychological help for the problems I had, and I am trying to make myself be a better person than I was before. But I want to get involved in the local furry community again, make friends, and have fun. But the only way I can do that is if you accept me again, and forgive me? Would you all do that?
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Furmeet At Vantage Days??

Vantage days at Fresno State (April 20-22) is coming up and might make a good time/place to have a furmeet (With plenty of time in advanced).  I know I’ll be there… but have class so it’ll be hard for me to avoid…Not sure how much life is left in this group (last meet being 2 years ago) but it’s worth a shot. So what do all of you think??